Neighborhood House Value Estimate with Monthly or Bi-Monthly Updates 

Once subscribed you will receive a "house value report" designed for your home and your  neighborhood.   You can expect the following in this report:
        -the price and number of homes that are listed in your neighborhood
        -the average price and number of homes sold in your neighborhood
        -the number of homes currently under contract in your neighborhood
        -the ability to correct inaccuracies
        -and the ability to select a monthly report or bi monthly report
In conclusion, If you are considering the sale of your home, I would like the opportunity to interview for the job.  During the interview, we will set expectations and we will entertain your questions.  I will explain how I will walk you through the home selling process and the marketing strategy that you can expect.  If you simply have questions please give me a call.  Or you can request a free complimentary On-Site Evaluation Report!  I am in the business of service.  I believe in 'tayloring your real estate needs".  


Diane Taylor
Diane Taylor