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Courtesy of  Diane your local Realtor® and local MetroList®.
 The Benefits of Using This Mobile App:
      1. Let's you search our local real estate market
      2. Find nearby homes for sale based on your current location
      3. Customize your search using advanced search filters
      4. View properties using the map search feature.
      5.  Zoom and navigate neighborhoods with interactive maps
      6. Generate turn-by-turn driving directions from your
          current location to properties that interest you
      7. Save your searches and favorite listings to your phone
      8.  Complete search.  Eliminates the need for additional
           website searches.  
      9. Easily share properties for sale
    10. Mortgage Calculator helps you determine the best
          financial options, loan
          amounts and monthly payments.
Diane Taylor
Diane Taylor
5050 Laguna Bl., Ste 112-775 Elk Grove CA 95758